Spooktober Update

To help usher in the spookiest month of the year we’re proud to reveal our Halloween Spooky Chest update that includes 15 new items that can only be found in this limited edition chest, including our first item set, Halloween themed items and other magic items released for the first time. Our first item set… Read more »

The Desert Ruins Dungeon!

Enter the Desert Ruins Dungeon; The deadliest solo-dungeon yet. The dungeon guardian, some sort of dark mage, requires you to prove your worth! You’ll need to retrieve the kings stolen crown, as well as your token from defeating the depths curse in the Dwarven Ruins. This dungeon is filled with a constant slew of bosses,… Read more »

The Brand New PVP Arena!

The new PVP arena is now open and ready to be fought in! Gather with your friends and enemies fight to the death. With the edition of the PVP arena, there are many more events and much more content that we can put out on the server to make your experience on LLRedux as enjoyable… Read more »

Welcome to Lost Lands Redux RPG Survival Server!

Welcome to Lost Lands Redux RPG Survival Server! We started our server a with the idea to make a friendly survival server. But as we added more and more content such as: Custom Mobs – Over a dozen and growing list of new custom creatures that have powerful abilities and drop unique and magical items. Quests – Look for… Read more »