Welcome to Lost Lands Redux RPG Survival Server!

Welcome to Lost Lands Redux RPG Survival Server!

We started our server a with the idea to make a friendly survival server. But as we added more and more content such as:

Custom Mobs – Over a dozen and growing list of new custom creatures that have powerful abilities and drop unique and magical items.

Quests – Look for certain item drops in order to progress, defeat a certain number of mobs, exploration quests. Deeper lore and stories on the way: you can be a part of them!

Magic Items- All kinds of spells enchants and abilities!

Dungeons- The boss and other special mobs in the dungeon will drop magic items for your collection!

As you can see, We have moved into a more RPG Route!

Pets – Unlock cute or cool companions for your journeys!

So if you want to be a part of a growing lore and community, or just play normal survival out in the wilderness, this server is for you!

PLAY AT : Play.LLRedux.Xyz (JAVA 1.14.4)

DISCORD: Click Here!

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