1) No Hacks – (Combat, Movement, Or Any Advantage = Ban)
2) No Xraying – (You will be Banned)
3) No Greif/Offensive Structures – (Removal and Possible Ban)
4) No argueing with staff – (You Will Be Muted)
5) No Arguments in All chat – (You will be muted and separated)
6) No Racism, Homophobia, Or Any Other Slurs – (Mute & Ban)
7) No Stalking/Harassing/Spawncamping – (Kick / Temp Banned)
8) No Huge Auto Afk Farms – (Limit at 50 Of A Material Growing)
9) No alt Farming, or Alt Ban-Dodging -(You’ll be permabanned)
10) No Duping or Other Exploits – (Eco Fine/Ban depending)
11) No Laggy Redstone Machines – (Removal and Possible Ban)
12) No massive hopper fields (20+) – (Removal and possible fine)
13) No glitch farms: 0 tick, 1 tick, 5tick, etc – (They’ll Be Broken, You May Be Fined or Even Banned)
14) No AutoClicking : For Combat, Mining, Farming, Anything! – (SOFTWARE OR HARDWARE) Punishment varies by use case
15) Don’t Be Rude! – (We Enforce our Right to Punish Toxicity)
16) Use Common Sense – Ask Staff First If You Have a Rule Question


a – harassment/abuse of other members
b – racism, sexism, sexually explicit or otherwise offensive content, politics/religion
c – links and/or discussion related to pirated or otherwise illegal content d – sharing personal or confidential information about another user
e – spam, self promotion, advertising other communities/services via direct message or chat
f – using @ everyone or @ here
g – public squabbling – please resolve your issues privately
h – excessive use of special characters in nickname